Acorn music theatre company

The odyssey

Acorn Music Theatre Company presents its adaptation of Homer’s, The Odyssey.

Can you hear the sound of the sea, the beguiling song of the Sirens, and the sighing of the silvery surf as Calypso calls to Odysseus?

This summer, a storm is coming, whipped up by Acorn Music Theatre Company (in command of the Mighty Poseidon), as Odysseus attempts to journey home from Troy. Led astray by Goddesses and Nymphs, and stranded by sea monsters, will Odysseus ever make it back to see his beloved Penelope? Or, tired of waiting, will she choose one of her many unsuitable suitors to take his place?

The Odyssey or, The Man Who Took Ten Years To Get Home, is directed by Rachel Wojcicki and Acorn’s Creative Director, Gail Rosier, with atmospheric lighting by Anya Fox. This dynamic physical theatre production with haunting, original music will be performed at Whites Farm, Stonor, on the 17th, 18th, and 19th July.

Start Point Farm, Devon: 1st, 2nd August 2018